NXTGEN 4150 Carb to 4500 Manifold Billet Tapered Adapter – 2 inch

A carburetor spacer that adapts a 4500 carburetor to a 4150 intake manifold bolt spacing. The Carburetor spacers improve air/fuel distribution by extending the length of the intake mixture column.

  • Tapered internal 4-hole clover leaf design
  • CNC machined ballnose surface finish
  • Lightweight 3D design combined with billet strength


Two internal design styles of spacers are available. The open plenum design increases plenum volume for improved higher rpm results. The external surface is 3D machined to match the internal shape to ensure the best lightweight design while still retaining strength. The Carburettor is a lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium carburetor spacer / adapter that has been proven by engine dyno testing.

Design Style
Two design styles available
Clover Leaf Design
Tapered Four Hole
CNC Machined Ballnose Surface Finish