Nxtgen Billet LS Dry Sump and Auto Verdi 5 Stage Oil Pump

CNC machined 6061 billet aluminium. Designed for NA high RPM to 2000+ HP LS engines with the ultimate in oil control and supply.

The Auto Verdi oil pump mounts directly to the billet oil pan on the right hand side eliminating any need for scavenge oil lines.

Unique to the Nxtgen oil pan design is the ability to adjust the oil pump drive belt tension. A feature not seen on other “bolt-on” type oil pans.

Included in the design is an option to feed oil into the engine via the original port in the sump rail, or alternatively clearance is provided to use the oil feed location directly into the side of the block.

Auto Verdi dry sump oil pumps offer more than just enough oil flow and pressure to your race engine. With lower internal friction losses they take less power away from your engine to run at maximum horsepower.

  • CNC machined surface finish
  • Strong billet design
  • Suits GM or aftermarket Dart blocks
  • Bolt on style oil pump eliminating scavenge oil lines
  • Auto Verdi 5 stage oil pump and pulley
  • Adjustable oil pump belt tension
  • Fully serviceable - no glued in screens


Optional Extras

Optional Extra
ATI Balancer & crankshaft drive hub
Optional Extra
HTD drive belt
Optional Extra
Black anodising (allow approx additional two weeks)