SBC 458ci SB2 950HP E85 WARRIOR

Our 458ci SB2 Worrier is the ultimate single carb street car engine. This is essentially a race Engine that is build to run street & runs on pump E85

  • 450cfm NxtGen SB2 Cylinder heads
  • Billet APD 1150cfm Carb
  • Billet NxtGen Valve Covers
  • 950hp e85 Pump Fuel Engine


* Subject to USD ENQUIRE
Cylinder Heads
Edelbrock SB2 CNC Ported NxtGen 450cfm Cylinder heads
Edelbrock SB2 Intake Ported Intake
Xceldyne Titanium CRN Coated Valves
Spring Kit
PAC Spring kit
Rocker System
T&D Rocker system
Valve Covers
Billet NxtGen Valve covers
Crower SB2 Lifters .904"
Push Rods
Trend Custom push rods
Stud Kit
ARP Head Stud kit
Dart Iron Eagle 9.300" Deck Block
Roller Bearing
Custom Comp Roller Cam 55mm Roller Bearing
Callies Light weight Magnum Crank
Billet Rods
Carrillo H Beam Billet Rods
Diamond Custom Piston set, H13 Tool Steel Pins
Ring Set
Total Seal .9 x.9 x 2.0mm Low Drag Ring Set
Oil Pump
Mellings HV Oil Pump
Dan Olsen Alloy
Billet Carb
1150 cfm APD Billet Carb
Carb Spacer
NxtGen 1" Billet Carb Spacer
MSD Dist
ATI Balancer
Belt Drive
CV Belt Drive
Extra: Sump System
Barns Dry Sump System Available
Extra: Pump System
Moroso VAC Pump System Available
Extra: Water Pump
Electric Water Pump Available
Extra: Starter
MSD Starter Available
SBC 458ci SB2 950HP E85 WARRIOR

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